Step-by-step plan for a better condition

28 Februar 2018
Do you get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs? Getting in better shape doesn't have to be complicated.
Step-by-step plan for a better condition - photo 1.1

You can easily get in better shape by taking more regular exercise. You could try running or going to the gym, for example. In this blog, we help you get in better shape in 6 steps.

1. Make a plan

Set aside some time in your diary to exercise, and stick to it! Draw up a plan for what you want to do. Can you see yourself spending time on the treadmill, could virtual cycling be your thing, or would you rather choose a different type of exercise? Whatever you choose, create a plan for the next one or two months that says how and when you're going to work on your fitness. Do you prefer to work out on your own or would you appreciate encouragement from other people, so training with others (in a group) may be more for you?

2. Get the right gear

If you do not usually exercise, you will probably need to get the right gear so you can put your new training plan into effect. You might need new shoes or clothing. Having the right gear makes keeping fit easier, better and more fun!

3. Slowly build up your fitness level

No one expects you to be in fantastic shape on your first training session. So don't expect it of yourself either! You need to build up your fitness level. Take the time to work on your fitness. Slowly build up the intensity of your training and don't go crazy at the beginning. If you do, you're more likely to get injured and an injury won't help your fitness level at all!

4. Don't just train for fitness, train for strength too

To improve your fitness level, it's useful to do some strength training too. You'll go a long way towards your goals with running on its own, but the best thing is to combine it with strength training. This way, you'll not only improve your fitness, you'll get more and more toned at the same time. Plus, strong muscles result in an improved posture and help prevent injuries.

5. Take a good look at your eating habits

Sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks, crisps, cereal bars: we all know that they're not healthy. But, you'll also feel a lot fitter if you avoid eating a lot of high-carbohydrate processed starch products and sugar bombs! Instead, go for wholemeal products, nuts and fruit. Get into shape and enjoy healthy eating at the same time!

6. Stick with it!

Starting is the hardest part. You won't see results immediately. But, if you stick to your plan, we can promise your fitness levels will improve in no time at all. Good luck!