The best abdominal exercises

04 Juli 2018
Without abdominal exercises, there's no six-pack! You can do exercises at the gym or at home. The exercises can be done by anyone, with endless options that are not at all difficult to master. Reserve fifteen minutes for your abdominal muscles in your training regime and let that six-pack come out!
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How do you develop a six-pack?

Want to build a six-pack? Then you have to train those abs a few times a week and most likely adjust your diet too. Depending on your body, you'll first have to lower your fat percentage in order to get a tight, flat stomach. Because if your newly trained abs are covered up by a layer of fat, you won't see that six-pack... By following a healthy lifestyle and combining cardio training with abdominal exercises, your six-pack will really develop!

Why go for a flat stomach?

People with a flat stomach are more confident about their body. This sense of confidence radiates out into the rest of their lives. Sound like what you're looking for? And, maybe even more important, having a strong core is good for your body.

Abdominal exercises to build a six-pack

The best approach is to do specific abdominal exercises. Crunches, pulse-ups, knee raises, V-ups, sit-ups and planking are all examples of popular and effective abdominal exercises. See the Basic-Fit app for many more exercises! Incorporate these exercises into your training regime, with enough repetitions. To keep challenging your abs, make sure that you push each exercise to the point you can just manage, and slowly scale up over the weeks.

Points to watch out for

It's important that you do the exercises properly and in a controlled manner. This is the only way to ensure that you achieve the best results quickly. Don't go too fast; perform each exercise at a steady pace. Take care not to overwork your muscles. Switch up the exercises. Rather than spending an entire workout on sit-ups alone, try multiple exercises to work out other areas too, like your oblique abs. Three to five different abdominal exercises at a time (with enough repetitions) is sufficient. Finally, always take enough time to recover after an intensive work out on your abs. Your body has earned it!