FAQ Coronavirus

Update Concerning Closing Clubs

Q: Are all Basic-Fit clubs closed?
A: Yes, at the moment all clubs in Belgium are closed from Wednesday 28/10 - 22h30 in Flanders and from 26/10 in Wallonia and Brussels.

Q: Until when will the clubs be closed?
A: We are following the guidelines of the authorities. Currently, our clubs will remain closed until further notice.

Q: Can I still train abroad?
A: Due to the current situation in Europe and in order to meet the requirements of each local authority, access to our clubs is limited to the country of the member's home club.

My Membership

Q: Can I expect compensation for the closed period?
A: You can expect compensation corresponding to the closed period. If you have chosen to freeze your membership, this will automatically be offset against one of your next payments. In the case that you have not chosen to freeze your membership, we've sent you an email with information about the possible compensation options.

Q: What happens to my subscription and payments if the clubs are closed for a longer period of time?
A: At the moment it is also an unclear period for us and we closely follow government decisions. As soon as new decisions are known, we will inform our members via email or this FAQ page.

Q: How do I report my compensation choice?
A: We have informed you about the compensation options for the period of the club closures by email. Through this email you can communicate your choice of compensation, and through this, you will be compensated for the amount that was paid during the closure period.

Q: How does the freeze option work if I am still in my first year of subscription?
A: With this option, you freeze your membership and pay nothing for the period that the clubs are closed. The freeze period of your contract, from the time the clubs close until reopening, will be added at the end of your subscription period. Any pre-authorized direct debit that has already been made for a period after the clubs are closed will be deducted from the next direct debit after reopening.

Q: How does the freeze option work if my first contract has already been renewed?
A: With this option you keep your rate frozen and pay nothing until our clubs are open; any payment already withheld before closure will be deducted from your next direct debit after reopening.

Q: I would like to freeze my subscription. Can this be done retroactively?
A: We have informed you y email of the different compensation options for the period of closure of the clubs. Through this email, you can communicate your choice of compensation, and through this, you will be compensated for the amount that was paid during the closure period. All automatic payments have been temporarily cancelled.

Q: I have not received the compensation options email, what do I do now?
A: Don't worry, you can communicate your compensation choice in My Basic-Fit. This functionality will be available later this week. Log in on My Basic-Fit via the website or through our My Basic-Fit app.

Q: What will happen with my compensation choice from the first lockdown?
A: If you chose a form of compensation during the first lockdown, but have not been able to fully take advantage of it because the clubs have closed again, don't worry. Everything will be processed when the clubs reopen.

Q: If I choose to freeze my membership, will I still have access to the application and GXR group lessons at home?
A: Yes, as long as the clubs are closed, you will still have free access to our online GXR training and group classes that we offer via the Basic-Fit application.

Q: What compensation can I enjoy if I have a Prepaid subscription?
A: The weeks from the time your club closed until it reopened will be added to your membership so you can still enjoy the full duration of your paid membership.

Train at Home

Q: I would like to train at home. How do I do that?
A: As a Basic-Fit member you get all the support you need, both inside and outside the fitness club. Whatever your goal, we give you the means to achieve it. One of these tools, most useful in the club but especially outside, is the Basic-Fit application. To find out everything you need to know about sports at home, click here.

Q: How can I make my workouts more intense without weights?
A: Here are some simple and creative examples: Put some books in a backpack to replace the kettlebell for lunges or squats. Read more about them here.

Q: How do I watch the GXR group lessons on my TV?
A: Read more about the GXR group lessons at home.

Q: Can I also train at home from my Basic-Fit?
A: Yes, log in via the Basic-Fit application, then choose the tab "My Basic-Fit" and select "GXR" from the menu. This way you can follow all group lessons from your home to stay in shape! You can also connect to My Basic-Fit via our website. Choose My Basic-Fit in the upper right corner of the home page and follow the login process. You will need your e-mail address and a password. When you log in for the first time, choose "register a new account".

New members

Q: I am a new member and I need to pick up my Membership card? Do I need to make a reservation?
A: No, you don’t need to make a reservation to pick up your card. Just go to the kiosk outside the club gates and use your QR-code email. For your first workout, all you need to do is scan your card at the gates to go in. For your next workout, you need to create your profile in My Basic-Fit using your member card number and can make a reservation for all future workouts. Click here for more information.

Q: I am a new member and got a free period / promotion, am I going to be compensated during closing time?
A: Yes, you don’t pay for the time the clubs were closed and still can enjoy the free period. It will be automatically adjusted to your contract.

Measures & Facilities (as soon as we reopen)

Q: Is Basic-Fit taking extra measures regarding the security & hygiene?
A: Basic-Fit is following the guidelines of the government. Click here to read everything about our measures.

Q: What are the new house rules or guidelines?
A: We still follow the same house rules, but we have some adjusted guidelines. Click here to read everything about our measures.

Q: Can I train in my club 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
A: No, not yet, in the first period of the reopening of our clubs we are open from 07h00 or (8h00*) until 22h30. *Please consult the club page for the exact opening time of your club. 

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?
A: Yes, pay attention: per July 25th, it is required to wear masks in public places, therefore also fitness clubs. When practicing cardiovascular exercises (for example, on a treadmill) where a 1,5-meter distance can be guaranteed, is this requirement not applicable.

Reservation System (as soon as we reopen)

Q: How can I use the member reservation system in My Basic-Fit?
A: Click here for all the rules for our reservation system. 

Q: Why does Basic-Fit work with a reservation system?  
A: Given the regulations by local governments, we need an access control system to make sure that the number of people allowed in the club is not exceeding the maximum as set by the authorities and thereby we are able to better ensure your safety. 

Q: Can I bring a Friend with my Premium or Duo membership? 
A: Yes, you can. Now you have to add and invite friends via the GymTime reservation system. This is different from the way you added friends before, but you must use the GymTime system if you would like to work out together.

Q: Can I make a reservation twice for the same day? 
A: Yes, After your first reservation has expired, you can make a new reservation if there is a timeslot available.  

Q: How long will we be obligated to use the reservation system? 
A: We don’t know what the future has in store for us, as long as the local governments tell us to, we will use this system.

Q: Do I have to make a reservation every time I want to go to the gym?
A: Yes, with two exceptions:  

1.    New joiners that become a member online or at the kiosk can always enter for the first time without a reservation.

2.    Clients of a physiotherapist who are not a member can be allowed to enter the club accompanied by the physiotherapist with help of the staff. These clients are not able to workout at the club. 

Q: Can I plan my workouts for the whole week in advance in the reservation system? 
A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. To make sure everyone can access the gym there are some restrictions. You can make one workout reservation. After that workout, you can make the next reservation. Reservation slots are only available for 7 days maximum in advance.

Q: When I’ve made a reservation will I receive a QR code per e-mail to enter the club?
A: Just use your member card to scan at the gates. The system will recognize your reservation. If you are a Premium Member bringing a friend, your friend will receive a QR code as usual that will be valid for their entry to the club during the reserved time. He or she can enter only after you have scanned your card.

Q: How long can we stay in the club? (per reservation)
A: It is really important that your club entrance and exit is within your reserved time. This ensures that we can manage the capacity of members safely working out in our clubs. You can reserve workout times ranging from 30-120 minutes. You can enter the club 5 minutes before the reserved slot and need to leave the club asap after.

Q: Can I change the date/hour of my reservation?   
A: Yes, once you cancel your current reservation, you can make a new one for the desired timeslot (if available).  

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?   
A: Yes at any time before the starting time of your reservation.

Q: All the time the timeslots are fully booked when I want to go to the gym. What do I do?
A: Please try a different club, different days, and check back regularly. Stay active, make sure to use the hundreds of at-home workout options we have in the Basic-Fit App and our GXR classes.

Q: Can I still buy a day pass to work out?
A: No, during the reservation period you can't buy a day pass.

Q: I have a starter kit, can I activate and use it?
A: All Starterkits purchased before the closing period will receive a new QR code to activate a full new period to use our Gyms. If you’ve bought a Starterkit since we are back open again, you are able to make a reservation in Gymtime via the App or via My Basic-Fit.