Kickstart Session with a Personal Trainer

Would you like some guidance from a personal trainer on using the fitness equipment in the different zones in our club? Then it's best to get started with a Kickstart session. After this session you'll understand which equipment and exercises are best suited to your training goals and you'll get plenty of tips on how to get started.

Kickstart session for just 15.00

The Kickstart is an introductory session in small groups of one to three people that costs just 15.00. In this 60 minute session you can familiarise yourself with exercising using the equipment in an easy, accessible way and with the 7 different zones in the club. A personal trainer will explain how the equipment works and what exercises are suitable for your training goals. Like coaching from a personal trainer after the Kickstart session? If so, you can make an appointment to start personal training sessions with Basic-Fit straight away.

Kickstart Session with a Personal Trainer - photo 3.1

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