The compensation choices we offered

When we had to temporarily close our clubs because of the corona virus, we asked our members how they would like to be compensated. We offered different options and when you didn't make a choice, your membership was automatically frozen or you received the option 'money back as a discount'. The options applied to you, depends on your membership. We noticed that the options 'freeze membership' and 'money back as a discount' caused some confusion as this resulted in different collection amounts than you were used to once we reopened our clubs. Below you can read more about the different compensation opties to understand why those amounts might potentially differ (this does not apply to the goodie bag and upgrade to premium option).

Money back as a discount

The amount you paid for the period between the closing date of the club and May 1st, will be recalculated as a discount on your membership fee. This recalculation started from the moment the clubs were open again and you coud use your membership as usual. The amount will be spread over 6 period. This means that for 6 months, you pay less than you normally would.

Freeze your membership

With this option, you froze your membership meaning that you wouldn't pay anything during the period the clubs were closed. When you were in your first contract period (so in your first year, or, when you have a FLEX membership, in your first month), the period in which your membership was frozen, will be added at the end of your membership. The money collection that was already done for the period after closure of the clubs, has been deducted from the first collection after reopening. This also applies when you were already outside your first contract period.

Well filled goodie bag

Instead of choosing a compensation for your membership fee, you choose a well filled backpack with sporty items. A total value of €100!

Upgrade to premium

With this option, we give you an upgrade to a Premium membership till the 31st of December 2020. With this membership, you can always bring someone along to the club to exercise together. Additionally, you get free YANGA Sports Water for that period. Value: more than €100.

Love for the orange family

During these difficult times, you choose to support the Basic-Fit employees, freelancers, and clubs. You don't receive any compensation yourself but you invested in the Basic-Fit clubs, employees, and freelancers. As of May, your membership was frozen, similar to the other compensation options.