Premium membership Train together


Share your member pass with one person of your household

With a Basic-Fit Premium membership, you can share your membership with someone who lives at the same address as you do, and you can always bring a friend along to train with you.
So you could share your membership with your sister, your father or your roommate ; and you could both go to the gym on one membership card (maximum of two people at one time on one membership card). And, in the future, if your aunt also lives in the same address as you do, she can join in too!

Bring someone with you and train together

With a Premium membership, you can also bring someone to work out together with you. That means you can take someone with you to your training session and you can train together. According to a study by The Society of Behavioural Medicine, you train longer and twice as intensively when you exercise with someone else! Just sayin’...

How does working out together work?
  1. Go to the Kiosk at the entrance to the gym and log in with your membership card number and date of birth for verification
  2. Hit the "send a friend pass" button
  3. Your friend can then register on the screen. You can nominate up to 6 different friends who will be stored in the system. You can take 1 friend with you per visit
  4. Select the friend you will be exercising with and select "send a friend pass"
  5. Within 30 seconds, your friend will receive an email containing a QR code
  6. As the member, you have to go in first by scanning your membership card at the entrance gate
  7. After this, your friend can enter within 15 minutes by scanning the QR code on their the phone at the entrance gate
  8. This QR code must also be scanned again at the gate when your friend wants to leave the gym
  9. The friend can use all Basic-Fit facilities, with the exception of YANGA. If you, as the member, have the Extra 'Live group lessons' on your membership, your friend can also participate in the live group lessons.