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The doors of Basic-Fit are open again! With 900+ clubs in Europe and extensive @home training possibilities, at Basic-Fit you can work out anytime and anywhere you want. Go for it![1].jpg
Are you ready to get back to the gym? Basic-Fit has more than 50 clubs in Spain so you can train wherever and whenever you want. And if you prefer to work out at home, the Basic-Fit app offers numerous workouts and On-Demand virtual classes so you can stay in shape.


That's handy, a coach who motivates you through your headphones and tells you what to do! With our audio workouts, all you have to do is put on your best sports outfit, put in your earbuds and listen to the coach. There are 8 categories, ranging from outdoor running to meditating in your living room.
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If you need help training, our personal trainers will be happy to help you with individualised training sessions specifically for you! Without a doubt, the best way to achieve your goals and discover the pleasure of training. They're all benefits, aren't they? Look for them in your gym.
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GXR Group Classes

With the GXR group classes offered by Basic-Fit, getting fit is possible and a lot of fun! There are 3 modalities: GXR Live, virtual GXR in the gym or GXR On-Demand from home through the Basic-Fit app. Choose the one you prefer, and enjoy!
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Whichever Basic-Fit membership you choose...

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