Fit Day

TUESDAY, JANUARY 12 – 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Would you like to come and train? Basic-Fit organizes the "Fit Day", the DAY where all Basic-Fit members who book are invited to try out all the services and products for free. Write down a big note in your diary: "12th January", because you have to come!

And what will you find that day in the gym? On the "Fit Day" we will show you all the products and services that you have available at Basic-Fit. And who knows, maybe you'll discover interesting things that you love and that you didn't even know we had... Come along.

Of course we make sure it will be a safe event and stick to the corona measures. We'll keep the capacity limit, the hygiene rules and the safety distance. Furthermore, only a certain number of places will be available for each activity - reserve yours!

YANGA Sports Water
Feel like a nice refreshing drink during or after your workout? YANGA Sports Water has 6 different flavors: coconut-pineapple, lemon, cactus-fig, mango-tangerine, passion fruit and blackcurrant. You can also fill your sports bottle with some nice cold water. Want a taste? On this evening you can fill your bottle twice for free!

NXT Level Sports Nutrition
Take this opportunity to also try one of the NXT Level Sports Nutrition bars. They will give you the energy you need to perform at your best in your workout or to recover after a great routine. Discover all their flavors and other sports nutrition products.

Physical Therapy
Although we hope you don't have or will have an injury, we do want you to know about this service. Because how would you feel knowing that you have a physical therapist at your disposal at the gym? I could treat you and advise you on the best way to get back into training in the blink of an eye. On that day, our physiotherapists will give a presentation of their services and also explain everything you need to know. It's a free hour talk and you don't need to make an appointment (not available in all gyms. Take a look at the schedule to see if you have this option).

Personal Training
Do you notice that you are not progressing with your training? Or do you not know very well where to start? That's what our personal trainers are for. They will guide you and help you achieve all your goals. During the "Fit Day", our trainers will be in the personal training area to help you. You can sign up through the form that you will find in your gym! (Action not available in all gyms. Take a look at the schedule to see if you have this option).

GXR LIVE groupclasses
Do you like to train in a group? Are you one of those who prefer to train with an instructor? Do you usually exercise with music? Then don't hesitate to try our GXR LIVE group classes: from Body Pump, Zumba, Body Combat and Xcore. Sign up for the 20-minute trial classes at the reception desk at the gym so you'll know if they're for you. (Action not available on all gyms. Check the schedule to see if you have this option).

GXR VIRTUAL groupclasses
From January 12, the new GXR virtual classes will be available both in your gym and in the Basic-Fit app, on GXR On-Demand. Which one will you train with? 

In short: You can come try, taste, ask questions and participate - all in one evening.

Free admission
The "Fit Day" is free for all Basic-Fit members. Check the program at the reception.

Do you have any questions? Your gym host will be happy to help you.

Don't forget to make your reservation. See you on January 12th on the Fit Day.
The Basic-Fit team