GXR Presenter


Yoga + Pilates (On-Demand only)

Every class is a challenge, pushing your body to new limits. It's an amazing feeling, as it teaches you what you're really capable of

As a child, I was very active and restless. I would be running around all day, playing. So sport has always been a really important part of my life. Plus, my father has been a sportsman all his life, and he passed down his indescribable passion to both me and my brother. Right now, my whole existence revolves around sport. I'm lucky enough to be able to do something I love for a living, something that makes me feel good, and, above all something that makes me happy.

With GXR, I have a personal goal that I'm gradually working towards. I wanted to learn about everything that was involved in creating classes that are accessible to everyone, as I believe that to do something well, you have to understand its roots. That's what being a GXR presenter means to me: being a part of where it all starts and sharing my knowledge with others. In my case, I present GXR Yoga, and for me, what's special about it is that it's different from any other class. It combines the best of yoga with full body training, i.e. strengthening, stretching and even meditating. Try it yourself.

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As a child I have always been very active that is why I was moving all day. Sport has always been closely linked to my life, my father is an athlete and he has transmitted his passion to both my brother and me. Right now sports in part of my life 100%, I work on it and it makes me happy. I always wanted to be a dancer, and today sport and dance complement each other in my life. Sport gives me the basis to train my body, while dance allows me to express everything that I have inside. One of the best things about my job is that every day is different, you have fun and you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. With GXR I have been able to enrich myself as an athlete and professional. It is important to know its roots, that is what it means to me to be a GXR presenter. Be part of the root of Fitness and share my knowledge with other people. I present GXR Yoga and Pilates, they are two very complementary formats and they are also very different from the others: Yoga works the body completely, that is, we srengthen, stretch and even meditate. Pilates helps you position yourself and work your internal muscles, as well as personally bringing me closer to my roots as a contemporary dance dancer.