Basic-Fit House Rules
Basic-Fit House Rules

House Rules

Our aim is to allow all Basic-Fit members to make optimal use of the facilities available. This is why, largely on the repeated request of club members, Basic-Fit has drawn up a set of house rules. We kindly request that you read and comply with our rules. By entering the club’s premises you agree to abide by the Basic-Fit house rules.


  • Instructions provided by members of staff must be strictly obeyed;
  • Drinks may only be brought into the gym areas in closed bottles;
  • Smoking and the use and/or distribution of prohibited substances is strictly prohibited;
  • Food is not permitted in the gym areas;
  • Using a mobile phone to make telephone calls is not permitted in the gym areas;
  • Animals are not permitted;
  • Sales and/or promotional activities are not permitted without the approval of Basic-Fit;
  • Jackets and bags are not permitted in the gym areas;
  • We advise you to make use of the lockers to store your personal property;
  • Please do not leave any personal property behind in the lockers after working out as the lockers are checked and opened up every day;
  • The use of a towel is compulsory during training;
  • Wearing clean and appropriate sports shoes (no flip flops or sandals) and appropriate clothing is compulsory;
  • Use equipment exclusively for the intended purposes;
  • The equipment must be cleaned after use;
  • After training, put all the equipment back where it belongs;
  • Do not unnecessarily occupy equipment;
  • For hygiene reasons, wearing clothing (including swimwear) in the wet areas of the changing rooms is not allowed;
  • For hygiene reasons, shaving is not permitted in the changing rooms;
  • Please dry yourself off in the wet areas of the changing rooms;
  • Verbal and/or physical violence will not be tolerated;