Audio Training


You can find Audio Training in the Basic-Fit app. This is a new way of working out. Motivated trainers help you work out to the coolest tunes. The music and trainers will motivate you to get the best out of you! 

The audio trainer will tell you just what to do during your workout. Your workouts will be more fun and will go much faster. They will even lead to better results, as the audio trainer will be motivating you to give just that little bit more! 
There are workouts for the gym, and for at home. The gym audios will help you with the cross trainer and treadmill. When at home, there is meditation to get all zen again.

You have free access to this unique Basic-Fit service. New audio sessions are added every month to each category.

• You always know what you are doing, it's always at hand
• Motivation to train better, right in your ears 
• Training becomes much more fun
• Professional trainer at your disposal
• Can be used both at the gym and at home

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