Exercise after a pregancy

25 April 2018
Have you just had a baby? Congratulations! You're probably in seventh heaven with your little wonder of the world. Nothing can ruin your mood. Well, maybe those sleepless nights.
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Your pregnancy will also have taken its toll on your body... Now the birth is behind you, are you looking to get back in shape as quickly as possible? It's time to start getting active again! But wait a moment, not too fast!

Build up slowly.

After giving birth, it is important that you build up your sports activities slowly. You can't simply start again where you left off. In the first week after giving birth, a short walk is probably more than enough. The main thing is to recover properly after that world-class performance. Are you feeling good and ready to start doing some exercise? Start really slowly with some easy, light exercises. It's good to start by focusing on training your pelvic floor muscles. Build up gradually and above all, listen to your body.

Six weeks after your pregnancy

If you had complications during birth or after the pregnancy, discuss which exercises you can and cannot do with your doctor. If the birth went well, around six weeks after your pregnancy you can start doing 'proper' exercise again (or eight weeks in the case of a C-section). It's a good idea to ask a personal trainer for advice, who will be able to tell you the best exercises to start with. You should still be a bit cautious when it comes to running. It takes around three months for the pelvic floor muscles to recover sufficiently for most women to get back into running without risk of harm.

How long will it take me to return to my old level?

A baby needs a lot of care and attention. This will probably also affect the amount of time you have available to exercise. But, if you are able to do a couple of training sessions a week, realistically it should take between six and twelve months to return to your old level.

If you exercise during your pregnancy, you'll be able to resume sports activities more quickly after giving birth. So keep active if you can!

Breastfeeding and exercise

A tip for breastfeeding mums: after exercising, wait at least one hour before breastfeeding or pumping. Your body needs this time to provide the milk with all the healthy nutrients needed.