Training during your pregnancy

19 September 2018
Your body changes during pregnancy. You get a big belly and get heavier.
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Your body changes during pregnancy. You get a big belly and get heavier. Your baby also requires a lot of energy and you may suffer from difficulties related to the pregnancy. Can you still exercise? And is it healthy for your baby? The answer is yes!
If you experience a healthy, normal pregnancy, you can basically continue to exercise during these nine months. In fact, it's even recommended. Exercising regularly and maintaining your condition reduces your risk of complications in pregnancy. You can also build up more muscle and increase stamina. This is useful when your belly gets bigger and heavier, and of course during childbirth. Finally, you will also notice that if you exercise during pregnancy, you will recover more easily after giving birth and will get your old body back more quickly.

Please adjust your exercise schedule
Although exercising during pregnancy is very healthy, it is advisable to listen carefully to your body to see what you can and cannot do. Don't force anything and adapt your exercise schedule during pregnancy to your changing body. You shouldn't force anything, especially if you suffer from pelvic problems or fatigue. In any case, it is wise to exercise under the professional guidance of a personal trainer and to discuss with your doctor or midwife in advance what your exercise schedule looks like, so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do.

What else should you watch out for?
If you want to exercise during your pregnancy, pay attention to your nutrition and water intake. Make sure you always eat a snack, such as a banana, before exercising, and drink plenty of water during exercise. This keeps your energy needs and moisture levels on track. Just take it easy. You're pregnant and your body can't perform what you're used to. So never workout at full capacity, go for something like 70%. Once you have recovered sufficiently after the birth, you can start working out as normal again! Please note, after the birth you have to rebuild very carefully.