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The doors of Basic-Fit are open again! With 900+ clubs in Europe and extensive @home training possibilities, at Basic-Fit you can work out anytime and anywhere you want. Go for it![1].jpg
Basic-Fit has more than 900 clubs in Europe where you can workout. That means that you can train with one sports pass at that Basic-Fit club near your home, but also at that one at work and at your friend's place of residence! Do you prefer to do your workout in front of the TV or in the garden? Then you can have fun with the many different workouts you can find in the Basic-Fit app.
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Basic Comfort Premium
Price 14,99 Per 4 weeks 19,99 Per 4 weeks 29,99 Per 4 weeks
Access to all our clubs 1 Home club +1000 Clubs +1000 Clubs
Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app
Train everywhere with GXR Group Classes
Share your pass
Bring a friend
Subscription Fee €19,99 €19,99 €19,99
A Gymbag for free A Gymbag for free Get a free gymbag with a new year membership!
Always 4 weeks extra Always 4 weeks extra Get 4 weeks extra with a new year membership!

*Always 4 weeks extra with a new year memberships.

Sport in 900+ clubs

With a Basic-Fit sports pass you can work out in more than 900+ clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain. So even during your holiday you can shine between the dumbbells and cross trainers.
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Train with the Basic-Fit app

With the Basic-Fit app you always have a trainer in your pocket! The app is full of workouts that give you inspiration for the gym, but also lots of workouts for at home. For example audio workouts, podcasts, GXR Virtual Group Classes and training themes, you just need yourself!
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GXR Group Classes

With the GXR group classes offered by Basic-Fit, everything is possible. There are 3 ways to follow our GXR group classes: live or virtual at the gym, or at home with the Basic-Fit application.
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