Every workout is worth a cheer!

Every workout is worth a cheer! - photo 2.1

4 weeks extra + sport bag

However you train, Basic-fit is a fan of yours! You can work on your fitness goal however and wherever you want, with more than 900 gyms and a variety of at home workout possibilities. Go For It!

Start now
Basic-Fit has more than 900 clubs in Europe where you can workout. That means that you can train with one sports pass at that Basic-Fit club near your home, but also at that one at work and at your friend's place of residence! Do you prefer to do your workout in front of the TV or in the garden? Then you can have fun with the many different workouts you can find in the Basic-Fit app.

Train where and where you want

More and more clubs are open 24/7. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are already more than 100 clubs that are open 24/7. This means that you can really work out whenever you want. Handy if you work late, or really want to work away some calories before your first lecture or if you just need to experience what it's like to squat at midnight :-)
Every workout is worth a cheer! - photo 4.1

Training with the Basic-Fit app


With the Basic-Fit app you always have a trainer in your pocket! The app is full of workouts that give you inspiration for the gym, but also lots of workouts for at home. For example audio workouts, podcasts, GXR Virtual Group Classes and training themes, you just need yourself!

Every workout is worth a cheer! - photo 5.1

Whichever Basic-Fit membership you choose...

Train in 900+ clubs

You can train in more than 900 clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain with your Basic-Fit member card.

Newest equipment

In our clubs you can train with the newest equipment from Matrix and Technogym.

7 Training Zones

Our clubs are divided into 7 zones in which so that you can train in any way that you prefer.

Virtual Coach

The Virtual Coach in every club offers a lot of free training schedules and individual exercises with explanations.

GXR Group Classes

In all of our clubs we have virtual group lessons and many clubs also offer live lessons. You can also do your favorite lesson via the Basic-Fit app at home.