Train Anywhere!

We at Basic-Fit believe that when it comes to working-out, the more fun it will be when it is offered in a flexible form. You may not always feel like going to the gym. The weather outside is horrible, or you just not have the time to commute, even though you could use a quick workout before getting on with your day or just relax afterwards.

Body weight training programs

The Basic-Fit app offers a lot of Training programs and exercises for you to follow outside the gym. You don't always need gym equipment to get the most of of your training. Increase the number of reps or add a serie to make your training more intense. In your Basic-Fit app, go to "Work-out" and check the section "train at home". Know more

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Stream GXR classes at home

As a Basic-Fit member, you can follow your favourite virtual GXR classes wherever and whenever you want. More than 150 classes are available via the video platform in mybasicfit or via the Basic-Fit App. See below the Top10 GXR classes in your country. Know more

1. Booty saison 07
2. XCore saison 01
3. Yoga saison 11
4. Abs&Core saison 11
5. Aerobics saison 07
6. Shape saison 01
7. Dance Party saison 06
8. Bootcamp saison 09
9. Box saison 08
10. Latin Dance saison 11
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Inspiration for your trainings

At Basic-Fit we like to support you in your fitness journey and to help you get a healthy routine. That's why we share regularly motivation quotes via our social channels, interesting blog articles via our newsletter, yummy recipes from our screens in the club and training programs for all the type of sportive habits.

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Audio training

With the audio training from Basic-Fit, the audio trainer will tell you just what to do during your workout. Because relaxing is just as important as training, we have Zen sessions available as audio training. The Outdoor audio training are being launched in March. Your workouts will be more fun and will go much faster. They will even lead to better results, as the audio trainer will be motivating you to give just that little bit more! Know more

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A healthy lifestyle is about sport of course, but it’s also about nutrition. That’s why Basic-Fit is also supporting you with your meals. We like to share yummy recipes on social media, in the app but also per email. You can find a lot of recipes on our Youtube channel for instance. Check them out !

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Be creative

Most of the trainings and group classes can be followed without specific material. But if Body weight exercise is not enough for you anymore, you can buy all sort of training material at the club or even visit the Basic-Fit webshop. Another option is to be creative.

Fill bottles of water - use them for biceps curls or side planking
Add books to a backpack - use as a kettelbel for all sort of squats or lunges
Use stairs at home or outdoor as a box for box jumps and step ups
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Stay on track anywhere, anytime!

As a Basic-Fit member, you get all the support you need, in and outside the gym. Whatever your goal is, we are working tirelsly to provide you with the tools to reach it. One of those tools, most useful in but especially outside the gym is the Basic-Fit app. This mobile app is free for all Basic-Fit members. Download the app now. The Basic-Fit app is available for apple and android users


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