Personal Training Intro

You have made the choice to start (again) with fitness, that’s great! Perhaps you would like some support or just a helping hand? To make your start even easier, you can choose to start with a one-time lesson from a Personal Trainer. In the Personal Training Intro of 60 minutes you will be helped by a certified Personal Trainer. This intro helps you start achieving your goals and with this knowledge you increase your training pleasure, you achieve results faster and you reduce the risk of getting injured.

Personal Training Intro for only 25 euros

A 1-on-1 Personal Trainer Intro of 60 minutes costs 25 euro. Do you like it so much that you want to train more often with a Personal Trainer? You can afterwards make a new appointment with the Personal Trainer with whom you did the intro or you can make an appointment through our website.

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Get fit with a Personal Trainer!

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