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Virtual & Live group classes

At Basic-Fit we have 2 different types of group classes! Live and virtual classes.

GXR are super cool virtual group classes in which the best presenters from the world of sport and television share their enthusiasm and passion for sport and exercise. There are eleven different classes, varying from HIIT classes where you go extreme to Yoga where you leave the room completely zen. Follow the classes in your club for free. Want to follow the class at home or watch an instruction video? You can do this using the video platform in the Basic-Fit app and on My Basic-Fit.

If you prefer to have a real person to check that you're doing the exercises correctly and to help motivate you when things gets tough, then the Live group classes are for you! Our professionally qualified instructors are experienced in clearly demonstrating the exercises and helping you get the best out of their classes.

Click below what appeals the most to you and find out more about our different classes.

GXR Group lessons and Premium membership

If you have a Premium Membership you can invite a friend to join you for your training session at Basic-Fit, so you can work out together. If you have the option Live group lesson included in your membership, then your friend can also participate in the live group class. You can always follow the virtual GXR group classes in your club, but also at home via the Basic-Fit app