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Mission:Exercise is a journey, not a destination (Ralph Wardo Emerson), an exercise program is like a pair of shoes; one pair doesn’t fit all. To reach the destination, you need a unique pair of shoes to be able to enjoy the journey.

  • My journey discovering well-being and fitness started 20 years ago when I realized that to keep a healthy body and nice figure, we need to workout. Since then I have been following different fitness trends by trying several workout methods in different places in Europe. After focusing primarily on my own health, having 4 pregnancies and fitting daily exercise routine into a hectic working/family life, I decided to take it further.

    The opportunity presented itself when I attended a special Fitness Summit in Miami, held by a well-known fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee. It was a great opportunity to work and train with other women from all over the globe who share the same enthusiasm and love for fitness. The best part was to realize that despite the differences in size and shape, all of them had an amazing personal story to share, which had been strongly influenced by installing a set exercise habit.

    I decided to go to the UK to get a Master Personal Trainer certification. During this intensive course, I trained young and competitive athletes, but also people over 60 with age related problems. I used different training techniques to improve agility, speed, power, posture, mobility, fat loss and general well-being.

    What I have learned from working in this field is that everyone is able to be fitter and healthier. It all depends how much we want it.

    And the best of all in Fitness: Sharing is Caring – and we, as PT´s care a lot!


  • Pre- & Post – natal and core training

  • Bodyweight Training

  • HIIT & Circuit Training

  • Small group /Corporate training

  • General Fitness, Motivation & Lifestyle Coaching


  • Fitness & Motivation Coach,

  • Certified Personal Trainer (Reps 3)

  • Certified Fitness Instructor (Reps 2)

  • Certified JNL Fusion Master Trainer

  • B.A Economics

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