Advertising with Basic-Fit


Show and inspire our 1.7 million members. Showcase your brand or product using our dynamic screens. Moving images (video) will stay on visitors’ retinas for longer. In the Netherlands alone, Basic-Fit has a digital out-of-home network covering over 450 digital areas. Our screens contribute to raising brand awareness and boosting sales.

We are in an age in which target groups are getting increasingly difficult to reach. The effectiveness of traditional media is falling and the use of adblockers is rising. More than 49% of our members are 18 to 30 years of age, and spend an average of 69 minutes in one of our clubs. This ensures a high contact frequency within an important target group.

Digital signage

Our digital screens are placed in the cardio room and at the entrance to the club. All of our clubs have two or three screens, a perfect way to reach your target group.

Digital signage facts and figures

  • 2-3 digital areas per club
  • Campaign length: 2 weeks
  • Traffic: 950,000 visitors per campaign
  • Spot length: 2 x 10 seconds per loop


More than 1000 gyms in Europe

With more than 1000 clubs, Basic-Fit is the European market leader in the fitness market with a good price-quality ratio. The company is active in some of Europe's most attractive markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.

1.7 Million Basic-Fit members

With 1.7 million members divided across each age category, we are one of the greatest chains in Europe in the segment of vitality and movement.

70 million club visits

Every year, we have more than 70 million visits to our clubs. Visitors stay an average of 69 minutes in a club. This contributes to a high contact frequency per visit.


Video Wall GXR

Create a unique moment of contact with all our members who take part in our virtual and live group classes. Your commercial will be shown before or after several group classes.

Video Wall GXR Facts and Figures

  • 1 GXR Video Wall per club
  • Campaign length: 2 weeks
  • Traffic: 150,000 visitors (female target market)



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