Simple and healthy weight loss habits

12 November 2020
Losing weight can be difficult, but we're here to help! Not only with exercise, but also with a few simple tips you can apply immediately when preparing your daily meals. Start today!
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How to cook healthy meals

You probably already know it's best to avoid fried foods as much as possible. These are bad for cardiovascular health and are certainly a deal-breaker when trying to lose weight. Stir-frying, grilling, baking, roasting and boiling are the best options for preparing healthy meals. Cook with oil instead of butter, but in moderation. Steaming is best for creating the most low-fat meals but isn't suitable for everything, of course. Try stir-frying more often; you need less oil and your food will be ready faster. 

Make your kitchen a source of inspiration for healthy meals. This starts with the right ingredients: plenty of fruit, vegetables and fresh and dried herbs. 

Mealtime tip 1: start with a soup or salad
There's no easier tip than this: a healthy soup or salad is the best way to start your meal. After eating this starter you will have coated your stomach, so to speak, with something filling but with few calories. This will appease your hunger enough so you don't overeat.   

- A healthy salad has a dressing made with a yogurt, lemon, vinegar or balsamic. 
- Healthy soups are light soups with lots of vegetables, like broth, tomato soup or minestrone.
  These soups give you a "full" feeling and provide important nutrients such as fiber. 

Mealtime tip 2: fruit for dessert
Lots of people want a little something sweet after a meal. Try to gratify your sweet tooth with a fruit salad or a bit of low-fat yogurt. If you take a look at how many calories are in an average dessert, you'll realize that fruit for dessert is an excellent choice. 

Easily avoid calorie bombs
In addition to eating healthy, you can also score points by avoiding sodas, energy drinks and alcohol. Most sodas are liquid sugar bombs that quickly cause a calorie surplus and promote fat storage in the body. So get rid of these sugary drinks because it can save you hundreds of calories a day.  

Water instead of soda
Whether or not you want to lose weight, water is important for everyone. However, water plays a crucial role for weight loss. It gives you a "full feeling" but also helps with the elimination of waste products and with many of the body's processes. So drink up! If you find water boring, add a little lemon or some fresh mint leaves for a nice fresh taste with zero added calories.  Forget diet drinks, too. Sometimes these beverages aren't all that much lower in sugar, and certain artificial flavors can actually cause sweet cravings in many people. 

Alcohol has a high caloric value, so each glass is a step backwards on your journey to a leaner, fitter body. What's more, alcohol can really stimulate your appetite. In other words: try to decrease - or better yet, eliminate - your alcohol intake. 

Basic-Fit: nutrition and calorie counter on your path to fitness and health
The tips provided above aren't complicated, and you can start applying them today. You can also stay on track with the Basic-Fit app, which offers a calorie counter and more information about nutrition and healthy, tasty recipes. This will help you shed those unwanted pounds. Use the app's "Nutrition" button to keep track of your calorie intake.

Calorie counter: monitor your calorie intake
At least twice per week, try to document your diet so you can identify your pitfalls, patterns and habits and adjust these as necessary.  This will help you work towards achieving permanent positive results!