The Body Analyzer

Understanding your body composition

Body composition tells you what your body is made up of, looking at everything from water, body fat to lean muscle mass. There are several reasons why body composition is important. After all, measuring body composition allows us to improve our health, fitness and quality of life. Unlike simply measuring weight, understanding body composition lets us put together meaningful plans on how to reach our fitness and health goals going forward.

Body fat mass

Body fat mass is the weight of fat in your body. Body fat fulfills important functions, such as keeping your body warm or protecting your organs.


Muscle mass

Muscle mass is the predicted weight of muscle in your body. It includes skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and the water in your muscles. Muscles act as the engine for your energy expenditure.


Bone mass

Bone mass is the estimated weight of bone mineral in your body. Healthy bones and a healthy bone mass are important for your body's strength, movement and load.


Body water

The body water percentage is the amount of fluid in the body, expressed as a percentage of the total body weight. Water plays an important role in various body processes and is found in every cell, tissue and organ. 


How to keep your measurements accurate

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