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Sport and a healthy diet help you feel fit. But did you know that relaxation is just as important? After a long day at work or an intensive workout, your body yearns more than ever for that well-deserved 'me-time'. Put your mind at rest and get into the ultimate relaxation mode. The best feeling ever, right? That is why we are introducing the brand new Relax & Recover zone with Basic-Fit massage chairs. Exclusively for Premium members!


Need a recharge so you can give it your all during your workout? Or after a fanatical cardio- or power training session let your body recover from that hard work? You can! Because from now on you will find new Basic-Fit massage chairs in all our clubs. Sit back, open the Basic-Fit app, put in your earphones and treat yourself to the ultimate Body & Mind experience! The Basic-Fit massage chair offers four different 10-minute programmes. Each with its own benefits and intensity:


Restores the balance between body and mind, making you feel better immediately.


Treat yourself to that next-level relaxation moment with this gentle, low-intensity massage. Ideal for releasing stress!



A stimulating and powerful massage with the emphasis on muscle relaxation. The ultimate kick-starter for your workout!


An intense but effective massage, based on the popular principles of acupuncture (but without needles). This massage brings your energy levels back into balance.



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You read that right: with a Premium membership you can use the new Basic-Fit massage chairs that you will find in the Relax & Recovery zone of every club.

Audio Coach

The special audio coach sessions in the Basic-Fit app, help you get the most out of your well-deserved massage. While the chair focuses on physical relaxation, the audio sessions help calm your mind. The audio sessions are perfectly attuned to the various programs of the massage chair and contain relaxing music and meditative texts about wellness, recovery and mindfulness. 

You can find the audio sessions in the Basic-Fit app > Explore Club Workouts