Virtual Workouts

Virtual workouts

Virtual Workouts are super cool virtual classes where the best presenters take you on a ride during the workout of your choice. You can start a lesson at any time from the big screen in the group exercise room! This functionality is not only for members who are fans of group classes, but for everyone who wants to do a virtual workout. Because of the wide range of products, everyone can find the desired workout.

how to use

With the Virtual Workouts, all members can walk into the room whenever they want and they can easily choose a class on the virtual screen that fits their own needs and goals.

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Choose your class
  • Start your workout

Try out your virtual workout

Discover the virtual workout categories

  • Group Classes - new classes every quarter
  • Fitness workouts - train with your own body weight and pump material
  • Recovery - various workouts aimed at relaxation, stretching, yoga or Pilates