5 exercises for back pain

01 September 2020
Pain or discomfort in the lumbar region is one of the most common ailments in today’s society. If you suffer from it, keep reading, because we are going to recommend exercises that will help you prevent or mitigate back pain.
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The lumbar region is one of the parts of our body that gets punished most by our daily habits. Many of the postures and gestures that we perform daily, overload this area. So over time pain and injuries appear. To avoid this wear and tear, it’s very important to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lumbar area and other related muscle groups.

Here we will reveal the best specific exercises to prevent back pain:


The rowing machine is a very complete exercise which, among other things, helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the lateral ones. These muscles also help significantly to reduce the load in the lumbar area. 

The plank

This exercise helps us to strengthen the torso and dorsal. With this strengthening exercise we can achieve - without even realizing it - a better posture in our day-to-day life, thus reducing the load on the lower back.

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Buttock bridge

Strong buttocks also help reduce problems in the lower back and the buttock bridge is a great exercise to strengthen them. Highly recommended for both men and women.

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Back extensions

Back extensions are very useful to strengthen and stretch your lower back muscles. Unless you are a very advanced user, we recommend doing this exercise using only your body weight.

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Deadlift exercise

A deadlift exercise that is executed well, allows you to strengthen your lower back. To do this exercise you can use a bar or a russian dumbbell. Always perform the movement from the hips to strengthen both the buttocks and the lumbar. Start with very little weight since it is an exercise that requires a lot of technique. If you have any questions about how to do it correctly, it’s best to ask one of our personal trainers for help.

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There are loads of exercises our personal trainers and physical therapists can recommend, according to your physical condition and your specific needs. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice to strengthen your back and avoid uncomfortable lower back pain.

This blog is written by our personal trainers.