HIIT workouts fast and without equipment

21 September 2020
It's not surprising that HIIT workouts are so popular! They’re very practical and super effective. HIIT is the abbreviation for High Intensity Interval Training and consists of a series of cardio exercises that you can perform from anywhere, without the need for any type of equipment.
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HIIT training for weight loss

The HIIT method consists of alternating high intensity exercises with short breaks, which allows you to increase the heart rate quickly and therefore stimulate metabolism. And this is precisely what you need if your goal is to lose weight. With HIIT training you consume almost three times more energy than you would with a regular workout! In addition, it’s very practical because it is done without sport supplies or equipment.

How HIIT training works
The goal of HIIT training is to exercise the cardiovascular system to improve fitness. Amongst the popular exercises without the use of equipment are: burpees, squats, lunges, sprints, jumping jacks, skipping rope ... You should perform these exercises at the maximum intensity that your current physical condition allows and always with short intervals. This is because the pace is so high that you would not be able to maintain it during a conventional interval training.

Things to keep in mind
There are a number of important guidelines to follow during a HIIT workout:

  • Listen to your body. This will help you determine the length of your rest periods. Whilst it’s true that in HIIT training you should perform the exercises at maximum intensity, you must also always be attentive to your sensations. If the body asks you to stop, then stop. Take a short break and continue.
  • Adjust the duration of the session and the intervals according to your current physical condition.
  • Choose the exercises that you enjoy the most. There’s a large repertoire of exercises to choose from and it’s better to have fun doing them so that you don’t lose motivation.
  • You must leave enough time between training sessions for your body to recover. So don't start off with doing HIIT training on a daily basis.
  • Don't just do HIIT workouts, alternate with other training that’s less intense.

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to follow a training routine and do you become unmotivated quickly? In that case, I recommend that you look for a training companion. It’s much more fun to train when you have company and also, each of you will motivate the other and you will try harder to maintain the intensity during each training.

This blog is written by our personal trainers.