Info Point

Each Basic-Fit club has a digital information point. This device has two sides. On the one hand, there is the 24/7 information point that shows you all our services. On the other side, there is a digital scale with which you can measure your progress, including your fat percentage and muscle mass. This data is synchronized with your Basic-Fit application.

What is the info point?

On one side, you will find a large touch screen that offers several options.

Start: discover all the information you need when you go to a club. Available on this screen, information about the introduction with a personal trainer, the Basic-Fit app, My Basic-Fit to manage everything related to your membership and our GXR group classes.

Zones: discover the different exercises and workouts possible in the 7 different zones of our gyms. You'll find the GXR group classes zone with the real time schedule in the club, the stretch & abs zone, free weights, functional, cardio, weight training and cycling. The lounge area is also represented.

Extras: discover all our extras such as our sports nutrition partner NXT level, our Yanga drinks, the products available in the vending machine, the fitness products and accessories available in our webshop and finally some of our workouts available in our app. Scan the QR code to contact a personal trainer or a physiotherapist.

Support: Chat with our virtual assistant Ruby and easily get information about what you are looking for. All our latest information is updated.

Club info: Find all club information on this page such as address, location, opening hours and nearest 24-7 clubs as well as nearest clubs having GXR live classes.

Safety: All safety information is available such as camera surveillance regulations, Basic-Fit house rules and the AED. (24/7 : ONLY NL & BE) At the bottom of your screen you will find additional information such as the COVID rules (and information about the Intercom ONLY NL & BE)


To keep track of your progress we have made a digital scale available in all our clubs. With this scale you can do a body analysis, where you can measure, among other things, your weight, your fat percentage and your muscle mass. The body analysis with this scale is completely free for all Basic-Fit members. All you need is your membership card (later on QR Code)

The results are directly saved in the Basic-Fit application in the progress section. This makes it easy to track your progress.