ALL IN Membership

You will receive a new ALL-IN Smart Bike at home for 1 year and you have 1 year access to the exclusive Basic-Fit ALL-IN app. Here you will find various cool bike workouts, which are taught by the best instructors. In addition you can also work out in all our 1200+ clubs in Europa for one year minimum with a Premium Basic-Fit membership. This means you can always bring a sports buddy to the club. All information about ALL-IN, including the Smart Bike, can be found here: www.basic-fit.com/en-nl/all-in.

You can immediately take out an ALL-IN membership via our website or kiosk in our clubs.

 If you are already a member, log in via My Basic-Fit, where you can upgrade your current membership to ALL-IN.

For this amount you get the ALL-IN Smart Bike. In addition you get 1 year access to the ALL-IN app and can exercise unlimited in all our clubs with a Premium membership. You cannot rent the Smart Bike separately but you can cancel the Premium club access after 1 year.

Your All-In membership can be cancelled per 4 weeks after the minimum contract period of 1 year for the bike rental and All-In app. You can cancel the Premium membership after 1 year. If you cancel the Premium membership after 1 year you will pay €20 / 4 weeks for the remaining rental contract duration of the Smart Bike.

Delivery & Shipping

After you place your order, the bike will be delivered to your home within 14 days. Amacom, who is responsible for the delivery of the Smart Bike, will contact you by e-mail to schedule a delivery appointment.

The delivery and installation costs are €49,99, one-time payment. It includes delivery at your home, installation and assembly of the Smart Bike.

As soon as you have successfully changed your membership or, as a new member, have immediately opted for an ALL-IN membership, Amacom (who takes care of the delivery) will contact you within 2 working days via e-mail.

Our deliverers will install the bike at your home within 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can immediately start your first workout!

Don't like your Smart Bike? Then you can use your right of withdrawal within 14 days and return the bike. We will make an appointment with you within 2 weeks to pick up the bike at your home. After we have received the bicycle in good condition, we will refund the purchase price. Please contact our customer service by sending an email to allin@basic-fit.nl.

Return Policy

The ALL-IN Smart Bike can be returned within 14 days after delivery. If you wish to cancel your All-In membership within 14 days, please contact our Customer support : allin@basic-fit.nl

You have the right to revoke the ALL-IN membership without giving any reason from the date of subscription until within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the All-IN Smart Bike. You can do this in one of the ways described in article 12b of the General Terms and Conditions, or by using the model withdrawal form via this link (you cannot use your right of withdrawal on the Kiosk). If you have cancelled your previous membership in order to change to ALL-IN and then exercise the right of withdrawal, your previous membership will be revived.

The All-IN Smart Bike should be returned in the same condition as you received it. During this withdrawal period, you will handle the product with care. You will only unpack the product insofar as this is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. The starting point here is that the consumer may only handle and inspect the product as he would be allowed to do in a shop.

No, it's free of charge.  

You can return the Smart Bike within the 14-day return period. We ask you to contact us first.

The All-IN Smart Bike does not (fully) meet the return conditions if it is not complete, is unnecessarily damaged or has been used more than was necessary for assessment (viewing or trying out). If the bicycle does not (completely) meet the return conditions, we will see what we can do for you. One of the solutions may be that Basic-Fit charges you for the reduction in value of the product. This means that you will receive a lower amount in return than you paid for the product. In the worst case, we cannot take back the bicycle and nothing will be refunded.

We will refund you using the same payment method you originally chose, unless you have agreed otherwise. No charges will be made for this refund.

All-In Smartbike

You can find this on the Basic-Fit website: www.basic-fit.com/en-nl/all-in.

In the exclusive ALL-IN app, you will find lots of great Smart Bike workouts. Pedal your ass off to the best beats or cycle through the highest mountains. You can download the app in the Apple store or Play store!

Yes, it is! You can find the Home Bike in all our clubs, so you can try it out there!

The Smart Bike has the following dimensions: 142 x 57 x 142 cm. You can find all information about the bike here: www.basic-fit.com/en-nl/all-in.

Apart from regular cleaning, the training bike does not need much maintenance.

The Home Bike has a belt drive system. This has the advantage that the training bike makes less noise.

The Smart Bike has 11 different resistance levels.

The Smart Bike can be connected to all tablets that:  1. have Bluetooth functionality; 2. have the Basic-Fit ALL-IN app installed.


How annoying that something is not right! You can send your complaint to allin@basic-fit.nl.

Please contact our customer service via allin@basic-fit.nl. Please state the serial number of your bicycle, the card number of your Basic-Fit pass and describe the malfunction. If possible, also include a photo of the malfunction.