The Power of sport

We do believe in the power of sport and we are on a mission to make fitness accessible for all. This is why we believe it is important to contribute to fitness awareness among young people! We have been working on a programme to support children and young adults and we have joined forces with various organisations in Belgium (Sport2Be), France (Sport dans la Ville) and the Netherlands (The Johan Cruyff Foundation). This programme involves our employees at both our headquarters and at our clubs. We are proud to share our passion for a healthy lifestyle and its benefits for younger generations!

Our main partners across Europe

We have set up three main sponsorships to bring us closer to people and communities. We develop national sponsorships with the Johan Cruyff Foundation based in the Netherlands, Sport dans la Ville in France and Sport2be in Belgium, all with the aim of helping children and young adults to become active and get a better start in life. Basic-Fit promotes equality, education, empowerment and diversity. We contribute to a range of programmes developed by our partners that have a good fit with our core business and projects. It is important to us that we support younger children in their learning process through sport and help young adults to acquire professional skills. With all of our main partners in the Netherlands, France and Belgium we offer young people the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise as a European fitness leader to learn more about fitness, nutrition and a healthy way of life.

With the Cruyff Foundation, we help to make people fitter and more active, so they will be healthier, happier and get more out of life, both mentally and physically.

With our cooperation with Sport dans la Ville and Sport2be, we give children and young adults a chance to thrive irrespective of their origins, social or educational background, to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, these two organisations support young people from sport to a job. Basic-Fit participates in their professional programmes through a variety of actions, such as work placement within our clubs, career advice and workshops. With more than 8,000 employees, we contribute to economic growth and decent work and we offer opportunities to thrive in the fitness industry.