Gyms in Almere

Gym in Almere
Do you live in Almere, and are you looking for a modern, conveniently located gym? Then Basic-Fit is a good option. Because of our many clubs and national coverage, there is always a gym near you. You can find us throughout the Netherlands, including the centre of Almere and other places in this city. We aim to make fitness accessible to everyone. We do this by providing the best fitness equipment and fun group classes. Coaching is also available, both virtually and in person. We make it easy for you to exercise regularly. But, of course, that starts with registration. Registration is effortless as you can easily complete everything online. Have you signed up? Then it’s time to get sweating in one of our gyms in Almere!

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Almere?
Soon enough, you will experience all the benefits of Basic-Fit during your workout at one of our gyms in Almere. We provide high-quality fitness equipment, our changing rooms are always clean and tidy, and you can store your belongings in a secure locker. You will be prepared for your training session by our virtual coach. Your results are linked to your profile in the free Basic-Fit app so you can track your progress and have insight into your results.

Group classes and facilities
 You can find our virtual coach in all Basic-Fit gyms in Almere. Besides that, we have in-house personal trainers, as well as experienced physiotherapists. Have you checked out our free app yet? You will find extra guidance there, from handy fitness plans to nutritional tips. Don’t forget our extensive range of GXR (virtual) group classes! A fun class with support and encouragement is guaranteed. There is always an option available to suit your exercise needs. We are there for you when you want to sweat, but also when you need some relaxation. Curious about the group classes at the Basic-Fit club in Almere centre or elsewhere in the city? Find your gym in Almere with the club finder and click further for more information.

Prices at Basic-Fit
Are you feeling enthusiastic and ready to join one of our gyms in Almere? Then find your nearest club and register directly online. Not sure yet which membership would suit you best? First, decide if you would prefer to exercise alone or with a fitness buddy. Are you okay with exercising alone? Then the Comfort membership is perfect for you. Do you need some coaching? Then we recommend becoming a Premium member. With this membership, you can take a friend or roommate with you to every training session for free! Complete your membership by adding fun extras, such as YANGA Sports Water or GXR live group classes. In addition, you can work out at all 900+ of our clubs in Europe, including the gyms in the centre of Almere or elsewhere in the city!

Gyms in the Almere region
Basic-Fit has an extensive network with many affordable gyms, including in the Almere region. You can conveniently work out in various locations across the city, but you can also find us in the wider area! View all Basic-Fit gyms in Lelystad, Diemen, Amsterdam, and Hilversum, or find the nearest fitness clubs in your area with the club finder.

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