Gyms in Eindhoven

Gym in Eindhoven
Do you live in Eindhoven, and are you looking for a convenient gym where you can work out? Then, Basic-Fit is the place for you! You can find our clubs in Woensel, Stratum, and in the centre of Eindhoven. With so many gyms to choose from, there is always one just around the corner. And, of course, you will find only the best equipment and services at our fitness clubs. Are you feeling enthusiastic, and do you want to start at one of our gyms as soon as possible? Then register online. You will immediately have access to all the benefits of the Basic-Fit gyms in Eindhoven!

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Eindhoven?
What makes a workout at one of the Basic-Fit gyms in Eindhoven so great? It starts with the basics of a good gym: solid, modern equipment. You can always count on us. Then, we also have the free Basic-Fit app with various exercises and schedules for all your training needs. Would you like some more support? Then call in our personal trainers or try one of our many GXR (virtual) group classes. You can also choose, as an extra option, to have some tasty and thirst-quenching YANGA Sports Water. Last but not least, you can safely store your belongings in our secure lockers, and after your session, you can freshen up in our super-clean showers! Are you excited to get started? First, view our gyms in Eindhoven: in Woensel, the centre, and Stratum. Then, find the club near you!

Group classes and facilities
In our Basic-Fit gyms in Eindhoven, we do everything we can to ensure you get a great workout. Whether you prefer to exercise independently, with a fitness buddy, participate in a group class, or want some more guidance, you have come to the right place. Basic-Fit is the best choice for you. With our wide range of GXR virtual and live group classes, there is always a class available to suit you. Is it time to take your fitness to the next level? Take a (virtual) cycling lesson! Our Eindhoven gyms are also perfect for relaxation. We offer relaxed yoga classes in Stratum, Woensel, and the city centre.

Prices at Basic-Fit
At Basic-Fit, we offer a modern, high-quality, affordable gym experience in numerous locations across Eindhoven. With your membership, you get access to our more than 900 clubs in Europe, you can follow our virtual GXR group classes for free, and you get the most out of your fitness session with the free Basic-Fit app. With our Premium subscription, you can also take a buddy with you for free. Do you want some extras? You can do this by expanding your membership with live group lessons or with YANGA Sports Water. Good to know: as soon as you become a member of Basic-Fit, you have access to all of our clubs. So, do you visit several places in Eindhoven? Then you can go straight to the Basic-Fit gym nearest to you, whether that’s in the centre of Eindhoven, Woensel or Stratum!

Gyms in the Eindhoven region
In Eindhoven, you will find us in the city centre, Stratum, and Woensel. But we also have many gyms outside Eindhoven where you can work out. Curious? View all of the Basic-Fit gyms in Helmond, Den Bosch, and Tilburg, or find the nearest clubs in your area with the club finder.