Gyms in Utrecht

Gym in Utrecht

Just like the many other large cities in the Netherlands, you can enjoy working out at one of our Basic-Fit gyms in Utrecht. You can go to our club in the eastern part of the city or to one of the more centrally located gyms in Utrecht. Anything is possible with Basic-Fit. If you want to find the gym closest to you, check out the overview below. For the opening times, view the info on the gym’s page.

Don't wait any longer. Register online immediately and get started at one of our gyms in Utrecht. 

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Utrecht?
When you start working out at one of our Basic-Fit gyms in Utrecht, our mission will quickly become clear. Our goal is to make fitness available and accessible to everyone—anywhere, anytime. We achieve this by providing the best equipment, clean showers, excellent guidance, and a handy, free app full of training schedules.

While registering is easy, we know that exercising regularly can be a challenge. So we’ve made it easy for you with our excellent tools and services. For example, did you know that we have more than 900 clubs in Europe? With every membership, you have the opportunity to exercise at any of those clubs. There is always a cheap gym near you. Handy, right? You can choose to work out in Utrecht in 'Oost' or stay close to the city centre. Check the club finder for your nearest gym in Utrecht!

Group classes and facilities
As a member of Basic-Fit, you’ll have access to all our gyms, including our gyms in Utrecht. You are guaranteed the best fitness equipment and fun GXR (virtual) group classes at every club. Our offers are extensive, so there is always a class for you.

Do you want to get in shape? Then Body Pump or an Xcore class is perfect. Are you aiming to be in optimal physical condition? Then our virtual cycling classes are a good option. Are you crazy about dancing? How about Latin Dance or Zumba? In short: whether you start working out in the city centre or in Utrecht 'Oost', every athlete, whether recreational or fanatic, can go to all of our gyms!

Prices at Basic-Fit
Are you interested in exercising at one of our gyms in Utrecht? Starting at Basic-Fit is easy. All you have to do is choose which membership suits you and register online. You can arrange this within a few minutes. Not sure which membership to choose? It's pretty simple: decide whether you prefer to exercise alone or with a sports buddy. In the first case, you should select the Comfort membership. Otherwise, the Premium membership is the best choice. That way, you can always take a friend or roommate with you for free, and you always have encouragement while working out! You can work out at any of our 900+ clubs in Europe, including the gyms near the centre of Utrecht or in Utrecht 'Oost'.

Gyms in the Utrecht region
Curious about all of our gyms in the Utrecht area? Discover all Basic-Fit gyms in Zeist, Houten, Hilversum and Amersfoort. You can find the gyms in your area via the club finder