Make fitness a basic!

Our doors are fully open for you! With 1000+ clubs and extensive @home content you can workout anytime, anywhere and anyhow! Go for it!

Basic-Fit has 10 clubs in Luxembourg where you can exercise. And with 8 24/7 clubs you can train whenever you want. Are the clubs closed during a lockdown? Then your membership will automatically be frozen. You can go crazy in front of the TV or in the garden, with all the different workouts that you will find in the Basic-Fit app. And last-but-not-least: when you become a member you pay no registration fee
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Basic Comfort Premium
Price €14,99 Per 4 weeks €19,99 Per 4 weeks €29,99 Per 4 weeks
Access to all our clubs 1 Home club +1100 Clubs +1100 Clubs
Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app
Train everywhere with GXR Group Classes
Share your pass
Bring a friend
Unlimited use of the massage chairs
50% discount on Yanga Sportswater
€20 NXT Level voucher
Subscription Fee €19,99 €19,99 Free
A Gymbag for free A Gymbag for free Get a free gymbag with a new year membership!
Always 2 weeks for free   with a new year membership!

*Always 2 weeks for free with a new year memberships. Only valid from the 20th of May until 30th of June 2022

Latest equipment

In our spacious Basic-Fit clubs you always workout with the latest and very best equipment from the top brands Matrix and Technogym. Professional fitness equipment of high quality on which you can enjoy your cardio and strength training. Everything you need for your perfect workout!
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Workout with the new Basic-Fit app

With the newly released Basic-Fit app you always have a trainer in your pocket! In the app you will find super fun workouts that give you inspiration for the gym, but also for at home or outdoors! Think of audio training sessions, podcasts, GXR On-Demand group classes and training schedules.
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GXR group classes

Everything is possible with our GXR group classes. You can follow these in 3 ways. Work out with GXR live and GXR virtual in the club, or GXR On-Demand at your home via the Basic-Fit app.
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Workout safely in our clubs

In our Basic-Fit clubs you are always assured of a safe sports environment. All corona measures are no longer applicable, except for respecting and protecting each other in the clubs. Also handle all material safely and tidy up after each session. Remember...Safety First!
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Whichever Basic-Fit membership you choose...

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