What is fitCERT?  

FitCERT is a leading European seal of approval that can be achieved in five stages according to the European standard EN 17229:2019. This standard establishes various criteria for fitness centers regarding operations, customer service and management. During the qualification program, fitness clubs must independently demonstrate their full commitment to quality, safety and member satisfaction. The leading quality mark is awarded and verified by fitCERT.eu, NEN and EuropeActive in cooperation with TÜV NORD. 


Our pillars for a fit society  

Over the past few years, we have worked hard to create the ultimate fitness experience for our members. In doing so, we have focused on several key pillars:  

Quality: We always guarantee the best equipment, expert instructors and a clean and safe environment where you can achieve your fitness goals.   

Safety: We believe it is important that everyone can exercise safely in our clubs, which is why we have introduced our innovative safety system, found at the "Safety First" wall. This allows contact with our Security Centre at all times, for example in case of a medical emergency. 

Transparency: We always ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information about our rates, opening hours and facility availability. 

Customer satisfaction: We do our utmost to make our members' fitness experience as pleasant as possible and value feedback so that we can act on it immediately. 

Connectedness: As a company, we want to make a positive contribution to society and strengthen our communities in a sustainable way. 

These themes are very important in achieving our mission: making fitness accessible to everyone and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable. The recognition is a great milestone for the company and motivates us to make even more impact for a fitter world.