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Basic Comfort Premium
Price 19,99 Per 4 weeks 19,99 Per 4 weeks 29,99 Per 4 weeks
Access to all our clubs 1 Home club +1200 Clubs +1200 Clubs
Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app
Train everywhere with GXR Virtual Group Classes
Access to GXR Live Group Classes (if it is offered in the club)
Bring a friend
Unlimited use of the massage chairs
50% discount on Yanga Sports Water
20 NXT Level Voucher
Subscription Fee 19,99 Gratis Gratis
Get 5 weeks for free! Get 5 weeks for free! At Basic-Fit you get now 5 weeks for free with a new annual membership. Valid until feb. 2, 2023.
A sports bag for free  A sports bag for free Get a free sports bag with a new year membership!

*Promotion only valid with a new year memberships.


You can also choose to terminate your membership immediately at flexible notice. You pay 9,99 euros per 4 weeks extra for this. Useful if you are not sure whether you want to continue exercising for a year, but not the most economical choice. For your wallet as well as for your fitness level, it is better to stay true to your sport plans for at least a year 😉 .



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