Fitness Support

No matter your level of experience, it's always nice to be able to ask some help. You may be a beginner who does not know where to start. An intermediary athlete starting his/her revalidation after an injury. A confirmed sporter ready for a next challenge.

That is why we offer a Personal Training Intro for only €25,-. Want to know more? Read all about it here!

At Basic-Fit, we decided to support local entrepreuneurship and to offer our facilities for quality partners to be able to support you. That way they have a nice place to work with the newest equipment and you get the support you need in your fitness journey. They have been selected really carefully, in order to offer you a wide range of options and good quality services. That way you can trust they are able to help you reach your goals and available directly at your local Basic-Fit club. Handy, right?

Personal Training & Physio Theraphy

Make the first move and get professional guidance to meet your goals. Or visit one of our physiotherapist to get rid of those pains or get help with your recovery

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

You have a goal in mind and need some help and guidance to be able to reach it? Contact a Personal Trainer in your club. Use the search bar above to discover their profiles and find the best match based on your preferences and goals. They each have their speciality and way of working and most important they all are certified professional trainers.

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Physical Therapists

Are you experiencing some pain or recovering from an injury? When possible we like to offer the chance for a local physical therapist to work in a Basic-Fit club and support you. Check the possibilities in your city with the search bar above.

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Product and accessories

An athlete needs good material to train, may need a nutrition booster before or during training, maybe a recovery formula after… Basic-Fit understands that and is making a lot of products available in the vending machines at the club: from the jumping rope to the elastic bands or even a lock in case you forgot yours. You can also find there really nice nutrition products from some of our partners to support you reaching your goals. If you prefer shopping online, all products and more are available on the Basic-Fit webshop.

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Offers from partners

Besides the nice local offers you could find directly at your club, Basic-Fit is regularly negociating discounted prices and unique oportunities from top brands. This is only available for Basic-Fit members. Check My Basic-Fit, section DISCOUNT to see what is available at the moment and don't forget to check regularly.

Current partners

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