Find Your Fit


Basic-Fit is organizing 'Find Your Fit', free for every Basic-Fit member who could use a bit of exercise inspiration or who simply likes to try out new things. Save the date October 5 in your calendar.

During Find Your Fit you will get to know all of our products and services that are offered at your club. You might even discover some really fun and interesting things you didn't know we had.

Of course we make sure it will be a safe evening and stick to the corona measures. In order to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance, there are only a limited number of places available for reservations.

YANGA Sports Water
Feel like a nice refreshing drink during or after your workout? YANGA Sports Water has 6 different flavors: coconut-pineapple, lemon, cactus-fig, mango-tangerine, passion fruit and blackcurrant. You can also fill your sports bottle with some nice cold water. Want a taste? On this evening you can fill your bottle twice for free!

NXT Level Sports Nutrition
You can also try some delicious energy bars by NXT Level Sports Nutrition on this evening. The bars give you energy for your workout and promote muscle recovery after an intense session.

Personal Training
Have you hit a plateau? Not seeing any progress? Or don't know where to begin? Then look to our certified personal trainers to guide you towards achieving your fitness goals, step by step. Our personal trainers will be available in the functional zone to assist you during Find Your Fit. This zone will be specially reserved for the evening. Could you use some help? Then use the registration form to sign up at the club! (Not available at all clubs; check your club's schedule to see if it is offered.)

GXR LIVE groupclasses
Do you want to exercise in a group, enjoy training with an instructor and think music is an important factor in your workout? Then you should check out our awesome LIVE group classes, like Body Pump, Grit, Zumba, Body Balance and Xcore. Register at the club's front desk for 20-minute trial classes and see whether live group classes are something for you! (Not available at all clubs; check your club's schedule to see if it is offered.)

GXR VIRTUAL groupclasses
You can participate in GXR VIRTUAL group classes on the big screen in the group class room at every club. You can choose from 11 different classes, from HIIT classes where you give it your all to Yoga classes that leave you entirely zen. In clubs where our GXR LIVE group classes are offered, these virtual classes will not be held on this evening.

In short: You can come try, taste, ask questions and participate - all in one evening.

Free admission
Find Your Fit is entirely free for every Basic-Fit member. However, you do need to register for the Personal Training, Physical Therapy and Live Group Classes segments. There is a schedule and registration form at your club's front desk where you can sign up.

Also, don't forget to make a reservation in Gymtime for the time you want to be at the club. You can do this starting 4 days in advance of october 5th, so from Friday, October 2.

Do you have questions about this evening? Your club's host will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to seeing you at Find Your Fit on 5 October!
The Basic-Fit Team