Cookie Statement

Basic-Fit makes use of cookies when offering its services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text and data files that are saved, for example on your computer, tablet or smartphone, when you visit our website. These text files contain (anonymised) information that is saved and can be recognised by our website at the time of a later visit. Some cookies are necessary to ensure that the website functions properly, other cookies are handy to ensure that you don’t have to keep inputting the same information, and other cookies still allow website administrators and advertisers to place targeted ads. The use of cookies on our websites is important for Basic-Fit, which is why we wish to inform you as best as possible on Basic-Fit’s use of cookies.


Basic-Fit websites make use of different types of cookie. They are categorised as follows:


These cookies are necessary for the Basic-Fit websites to work properly. Without these cookies the websites or parts of the websites don’t work, for example your login, or preferences such as language choices are not remembered.


Analytical cookies are used to improve the website. With this information, which is saved anonymously, we can see which pages have the most visits, which pages deliver error messages, which browser visitors use etc. In this way, we can monitor the quality and effectiveness of the website and improve its user-friendliness. Basic-Fit does not track individual visitors.


All other cookies are non-functional cookies and are only used with the prior consent of our website visitors.
These cookies are used for example to:

  • Optimise online campaigns and for example prevent you always seeing the same advert
  • Record how many people click on an ad, for advertiser payments
  • register websites you visit to ascertain your interests and be able to provide you with relevant content and advertisements
  • Find out whether you have clicked on an advert
  • Provide information on your browsing behaviour to other websites
  • Enable use of third-party services to be able to show you ads

Basic-Fit therefore asks for your permission for the use of these non-functional cookies.


Advertisers (whether contracted by Basic-Fit or not) use their own cookies on Basic-Fit’s website to show you advertisements deemed relevant to you. For this, your consent will first be asked.
You can find an overview of the cookies Basic-Fit uses on its websites HERE.


It is possible for you not to give your consent to the placement of cookies or to block cookies. You can typically reject cookies as standard via your browser. How to do so differs from browser to browser. You can use the help function on your browser to see how to remove cookies. Contact your browser provider for any questions about settings.

If you disallow cookies via your browser or block them in any other way, this can prevent certain services or parts of the website from working or working optimally.

It is possible to delete cookies from your computer, tablet or smartphone after visiting websites too.
You can also do this via your browser.