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Comfortable together in the Gym
Together we stand up against

Gymtimi-what? Yep, we're talking about gymtimidation: not feeling comfortable in the gym. An issue that challenges gyms all over the world. Gymtimidation happens to the best of us. For example, if you are insecure about your body, do not know how the machines work or because you are concerned about comments from others.

And let's be honest, that doesn’t help when you want to reach your fitness goals! Together we stand up against gymtimidation. Because only if you feel comfortable in the gym, you will come back for another workout. And another one! And another one!!

Go For the afterglow

With Be Comfortable we strive for an environment where everyone can be themselves and enjoy sports to feel good. Because those who feel good can take on the world! Can this be done overnight? No. But we are going all out, together with you!

Let’s celebrate every movement so you can benefit from that amazing afterglow after a good workout. In a place where you can be yourself and come back again and again.

Lets do it

Together we can create an environment where everyone feels at home, online as well as offline.

Be Comfortable The Basics
Be Comfortable The Basics


A better gym starts with you! Read here how you can contribute to a comfortable environment in which everyone can be themselves.

Be welcoming to all!
Big or small or whether you're reaching for the stars or just testing the waters: everyone deserves that afterglow!

Respect each other and be judgement free
It's your journey – forget the spectators. Come on, a few more reps!

Unique goals, various levels
Let's celebrate diversity!

Keep the cameras focused on yourself
Be the star in your own video. Not everyone wants to end up on the internet. 

Clear a machine for the next champ
Nailed your set? Pass the torch – good vibes multiply!

Put those weights back where they belong, you tidy hero!
You're not just building muscles, you're sculpting a thriving space.

Leave no trace – make it sparkle for the next star
A quick swipe adds gloss and respect – double win!

Cool vibes only
Our weights are your battle arena. Be nice to each other and our hosts.

Spot someone in need? Be the helping hand they deserve!
High five, kind soul! Helping out brings grins and gains.

Be Comfortable the Bracelet
Be Comfortable the Bracelet


Join the club! Join Be Comfortable and wear your bracelet with pride. Can be found in every Basic-Fit club at the host desk.

Basic-Fit Staff Training
Basic-Fit Staff Training


Teamwork makes the dream work! All club hosts receive a special Be Comfortable training. So they can go all they way to make you feel extra comfortable in the club.

Basic-Fit Be Comfortable Trainig Plans
Basic-Fit Be Comfortable Trainig Plans


Whether you want to get stronger, improve your technique, stay fit during pregnancy or are a rookie in the gym: the Basic-Fit app has a training plan for everyone and for every goal! Don't wait any longer and download the app for both Android and Apple or check our website.

Are you eager to start working out in the gym but don't know where to start? Then join in on the Starter Training Plan and you'll be a true gym hero soon enough! Feeling fit, energized, and comfortable :)

We also have a training plan ready for all pregnant women. By (continuing to) exercise during your pregnancy you will feel fit, fantastic and mentally unbeatable as your belly grows.

Our Adaptive training plan is especially developed for athletes in a wheelchair, with one arm or with one leg and consists of different workouts to pop as well as to unwind.

Warm Welcome with Basic-Fit
Warm Welcome with Basic-Fit


Every pro was once a beginner. Are you new to Basic-Fit? Then check out this page with all the info you need to get started. Go For It!

Be Comfortable Idea Box
Be Comfortable Idea Box


And this is just the beginning. Keep an eye on this page for more information!