5 tips for staying mentally fit

01 March 2021
Sometimes you need a little nudge to keep on going in these difficult times. So, we’re more than happy to share a few tips with you for giving your mental health a boost. It’s important to focus on the possibilities, not the limitations, in order to get through these trying times.
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Daily Routine

It’s important to wake up and go to bed at set times, just like in the old times when working or studying from home was not the norm. If you maintain the same daily schedule, you’ll feel better and more fit. 

Exercise is equally as important. It is one of the five basic needs for good (mental) health. Take a walk outside and get a breath of fresh air! Walk around the block or go for a jog. You’ll find fun audio outdoor running sessions in the Basic-Fit app, where a coach tells you exactly what to do. Piece of cake, right!? Put on your headphones and get moving! 

Do you prefer other types of outdoor workouts? There are options aplenty! For example, you can find a park bench, and use it for push-ups, step-ups, dips, box jumps, and whatever you enjoy. Let’s face it, that bench is so much more than just a place to sit. You can do squats and sit-ups next to it, run a few laps around it (very wide laps, of course 😉) and, voilà, you’ve created your own circuit workout!  

Do something fun together

Another basic human need is contact with others. So, plan a date with a friend. Figure out few possibilities and cheer each other up. Watch a funny film, make music, listen to a podcast on Spotify or go for a walk or run together. Challenge: Video call your friend and work out together! This way, you can get some exercise together, if even you’re not physically in the same place. There are lots of possibilities 😊 

P.S. All your friends and family members who are not yet a Basic-Fit member can sign up right now and use the Basic-Fit FREE for an entire month. So, what are you waiting for? Invite them to download the app right away! 

Mealtime inspiration

A healthy diet is always important, especially in times like these. The Basic-Fit app contains more than 200 delicious and healthy recipes that are very easy to prepare. So, when your family asks, “What are we having tonight?” you can surprise them with one of these fantastic recipes! Tip: Why not share these recipes with friends and family and prepare a meal together virtually or hold a virtual cook-off contest? Healthy eating is important, but there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat.  Bake something sweet! It’s a fun activity and a yummy cake or cookies makes everyone happy. 

Learn to meditate

Do a meditation session before going to sleep or right after waking up. There are plenty to choose from in the Basic-Fit app that help you relax and unwind and, perhaps even more important, prevent (additional) stress. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through these challenging times – and have some fun, too! Go for it! J 

This blog was written by Letty Dekker, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist