Dumbbell exercises

02 July 2020
Dumbbells are fixed weights that are held in one hand. They are used primarily in strength training. Chances are, you’ve seen them being used in the gym more than once. 😊
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Thanks to the wide variety of exercises that can be carried out with dumbbells, you can train practically all muscle groups. As your physical training progresses, you always need to increase the weight of the dumbbells. This should be done bit by bit, in small amounts of one or two kilos. Regardless of whether you aim to build muscle mass or want to lose weight, dumbbell exercises will help you improve your fitness. 

Strength training

Dumbbell exercises are highly recommended for building muscle mass. The good thing is that you can perform many variations during training. For example, the dumbbell chest press is an ideal exercise to increase your chest muscle mass. The dumbbells allow a wide range of movement. This helps to maximize stimulation of the chest muscles to define and strengthen them. Are muscular arms your goal? The dumbbell curl is perfect for that! We could mention more than 100 dumbbell exercises that help increase muscle mass, but since we’d run out of space here, your best bet is to simply download the Basic-Fit application or the Virtual Coach. Both applications allow you to indicate which areas you’d like to train. You’ll gain access to a multitude of exercises, explained step by step, with examples.

Dumbbell exercises for losing weight

Did you know that dumbbell exercises are also very good for helping you to lose weight? By using them, you are working quite a few of your muscles at once, which means that you are burning calories very quickly. And the more calories you burn during your workout, the faster you’ll lose weight. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? To lose weight more effectively, you need to make sure that you eat a balanced diet and don’t consume more calories than you burn throughout the day.

Hand grip strength

A good side effect of dumbbell exercises is, that while you’re using them, you’re also inadvertently training your hand grip. To keep the weights under control, you must hold the bar firmly. And by squeezing, you activate your hand and arm muscles.

Stability, coordination and skills

Performing exercises with weights is usually more challenging than using a machine at the gym. With the weights, in addition to controlling the weight, you are doing a free movement, which requires stability and coordination. Therefore, it’s advisable to start off carefully. Be sure to always start with a slightly lower weight than you could actually lift. This way you can ensure that you do the movements correctly. Not sure if you are doing a certain exercise correctly? Don’t hesitate to ask your personal trainer at the gym for help! He or she will not only help you to prevent injuries but also give you the tips you need to progress faster.

Now that you know a lot of things about dumbbells, let us know: What is your next exercise going to be?

This blog is written by our personal trainers.

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