Go ALL-IN with your own Basic-Fit Smart Bike!

13 March 2023
Do you like to alternate between workouts in a club and workouts at home? Then the ALL-IN Membership is what you need!
Go ALL-IN with your own Basic-Fit Smart Bike! - photo 1.1

Do you want to go all in and really get the most out of your workout? Maybe you think this can only be achieved by visiting one of our 1200+ clubs. Nothing could be further from the truth! Are you someone who prefers to work out at home with different cardio and strength workouts? Or would you like to alternate between workouts in a club and workouts at home? Then we have good news! In addition to the Comfort and Premium memberships, we have now added a brand new membership: ALL-IN.

Do you prefer working out in your own comfort zone without the presence of fellow sportsmen? Then this membership is ideal for you! Get started with the various cycling and home workouts via the ALL-IN Workout App. If you prefer to visit the club for your workouts, this is possible as well. If others have the ALL-IN Workout App, you can choose to work out together, without having to be in the same room. With ALL-IN, you decide how you want to do your workouts. Choose who you work out with, how and where you want!

The membership for your home and club workouts

With the ALL-IN Membership you can train wherever and whenever you want. The ALL-IN Workout App allows you to do Cardio workouts on the bike, or strength training at home. ALL-IN includes 1 year use of the ALL-IN Smart Bike (lease) and ALL-IN Workout App. It also includes one year of our Premium Membership! This allows you to continue working on your fitness goals at home or at the club. With the Premium Membership you enjoy many benefits including:

Enjoy the ride and get the most out of your club and home workouts! There are plenty of fun and challenging exercises in the app to take your workout to the next level. Whatever type of athlete you are, ALL-IN allows you to choose the workout that supports your fitness goals the best.

Cycle to your fitness goals with the home bike

The ALL-IN Smart Bike has a unique and sleek design, but it is much more than that. The home bike is comfortable, compact and also silent. As icing on the cake, you can connect your tablet to the Smart Bike via Bluetooth. How great is that! You literally bring the comfort of exercising at the club, to your home. Now you may be thinking "what workouts can I do on the ALL-IN Smart Bike? No worries, we've got you covered.

Go ALL-IN with your own Basic-Fit Smart Bike! - photo 3.1

Get the most out of your home workout with the ALL-IN Workout App

Are you already an experienced athlete or just taking your first steps to make fitness a basic? The ALL-IN Smart bike is for everyone and every goal. In addition to the bike and the premium benefits, you also get access to the special ALL-IN Workout App. Here you can choose your desired workout all by yourself, in which you will be assisted on your way by our own motivating ALL-IN trainers. They are ready for you 24/7 to get the best out of yourself and your workout, until you reach the finish line!

Connect the Workout App via Bluetooth to your Smart Bike and enjoy an interactive experience. Among other things, you can see during your workout how fast you are cycling and how many calories you are burning. How convenient! Cycle to the best music, through the most beautiful landscapes. Or combine a cardio work out on the bike, with other challenging strength training exercises offered in the All-In Workout App.

Do you want to make use of the Zwift App for your workouts? The various Zwift workouts can also be performed, as the App can be easily connected to your Smart Bike. It's entirely up to you how you shape your ride. Go For It and go all-in with your own Basic-Fit Smart Bike.

Track your performance and exercise together remotely

Would you rather perform your workout on a bigger screen than the one on your tablet? No problem. Choose your workout and cast it directly from your tablet to the TV for an even more realistic experience. In addition, it is possible to share the app and train together with friends, family and other fellow athletes who also have an ALL-IN subscription. You motivate each other in achieving your fitness goals. Whatever you're going for, you can very easily track your performance through the app.

So... are you ready to get the most out of yourself, not only in one of our 1200+ clubs, but also at home? Then GO ALL-IN and see your fitness goals come closer and closer with each bike ride. Go For It!