How to get gym ready for when the clubs reopen!

05 January 2021
It sucks! Despite all the COVID-19 measures, all gyms in the Netherlands are closed. Naturally, you can't wait until the reopening of your gym, and we totally understand that. But the lockdown is no good reason to let good habits slide. Now you also have to give your body what it needs: exercise! You surely don't want to start from scratch all over again when the gyms open their doors once more?
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So what do you prefer: exercising indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two? With a little imagination and inspiration, the Basic-Fit app supplies endless exercises to do to keep your body out of hibernation mode. Oh yes, you can exercise at home really easily! Just lay a mat or towel on the floor and away you go. 

Get planking!

Go for a plank challenge. Is your max 15 or 30 seconds? Practice every day and before you know it, you can plank for 1 minute! Challenge yourself by doing variations like stepping to the side with each foot in turn and then back to the start position.  

If you're an advanced planker, make variations in duration and combinations. Try switching back and forth for 1 minute from a high plank to a low plank. You do a sort of 'walk' on the mat: hold a high plank and then sink to a low plank. Hold there a while, and then again up to a high plank. Repeat until you reach 1 minute. You can make variations on this by jump-spreading your legs then returning to the start position. 

Vary the exercises

And while you're down there on the mat or towel... the list of exercises is endless! From horizontal exercises like push-ups and stomach muscle exercises, to vertical exercises like burpees and squats. Have a go at a series of 3 sets of 12 repetitions. For example: 3 x 12 repetitions of push-ups, then 3 x 12 repetitions of crunches, and so on. Or... first do 12 x push-ups, then 12 x crunches, then 3 x 12 squats, and then repeat the whole series of exercises twice more.   

Outdoor exercises

Exercises indoors is fun, but you can of course exercise outside too! Other sports enthusiasts besides runners have discovered parks, woods and parking areas as suitable training locations. Exercising surrounded by greenery is usually pleasanter than training in an urban setting, so grab the chance if you live near a park. 

You can train outdoors perfectly well without equipment. Think of a combination that raises your heart rate and trains your entire body at the same time. For example: 15 jumping jacks – 1 minute jogging – 15 forward frog leaps – 1 minute jogging – 15 push-ups against a bench – 1 minute jogging – 15 triceps dips against a bench – 1 minute jogging. Want to bet you won't have to catch you breath after this lot?  

When it's dry out, you can take a towel or mat and do those indoor exercises out in the open air. Have a look at the Basic-Fit app, where you'll find various exercises that can often be done both indoors and outdoors. That way, you keep on exercising and don't have to start from scratch when the gyms reopen. So… get yourself gym ready and stay that way!  

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