Live Grouplessons

12 September 2018
Using the equipment in the gym to work out is a great way of achieving your goals quickly, but sometimes you want to do something different: live group classes.
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Using the equipment in the gym to work out is a great way of achieving your goals quickly, but sometimes you want to do something different. Working out with others, for instance. That's why we have Basic-Fit GXR: live group exercise classes

A great vibe
Group exercise classes are great, high-energy classes that provide a workout that is completely different to exercising with equipment, but will still allow you to work towards achieving your goals. The classes are fun, because there is an enthusiastic teacher who motivates you to go that extra mile. Live classes are given by certified instructors who will make sure that everyone is included and will give you tips for any exercises where your technique may need a little help. Working out as part of a group is also great fun, as everyone is doing the same exercises. This can be very motivational. 

No obligation
The great things about live group classes at Basic-Fit is that there is no obligation to take part. The moment you add live group exercise classes to your membership, you can do whichever classes you want to for €5,00 a month. You can take as many classes as you wish. You can take a class once a week or every day. If you don’t enjoy it, you can go and try something else. We have an extensive range of classes, so there is always something that will appeal to you. You can even stop live classes altogether. All you need to do is cancel ‘Extra’ live group classes and you won’t have to pay for these any more.

What live group classes are there? 
What do you like doing? At Basic-Fit you can choose strength training programmes, such as Bodypump, where you train with weights, or Xcore, which works on your abdominal, back, leg and arm muscles. You can also choose the high energy interval training programme Body Attack, where you work on increasing your stamina. Or do you prefer a Latin dance workout, such as Zumba? To increase muscle flexibility, you can do Body Balance, the body and mind workout, for example. If you want to improve your fitness and burn calories, you can choose to do the RPM indoor cycling workout or the BURN workout. If you are more interested in martial arts then try the Body Combat cardio workout.

Do you want to know when live group classes take place at your Basic-Fit clubs? You can find the timetable in the Basic-Fit app and on the website.