Start now No excuses

22 May 2019
"I'll start on Monday," or, "I'll work out after the holidays," or, "I won't eat any more sweet things after this weekend." Sound familiar?
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'One of these days' tends to become 'none of these days'...

(Re)starting when there are no obstacles in the way, or on a Monday, or at the beginning of a new month makes sense. But there is a problem with it: the 'hitting the pause button' mentality only makes you better at postponing things or dropping out altogether if exercise is not going perfectly at that moment. It means you'll find it easy to stop and wait for that "magic moment" before starting again. But that magic moment never comes...

Just start!

Start easy with something that is achievable. If your plan and your goals are over-ambitious, chances are you will push that pause button again. Make a plan for yourself that will make you happy, that you will feel like doing and that you'll be able to achieve. What can you do? It is better to take small steps consistently rather than giant sporadic leaps.