Stimulate fat burning

12 December 2018
If you want to lose weight, your aim is to get rid of body fat as quickly as possible. But, what are the most effective exercises to stimulate fat burning?
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Eating just enough

Losing weight seems very simple: you need to take in less energy than you use up. BUT! If you are a fanatical dieter and are used to eating very little, your body may become accustomed to this lack of energy. Your body will then go into 'survival mode' and learn to function with little energy. This could mean you have don't have enough energy to do your exercises properly. And, your body has too little energy to burn fat, since burning fat also requires energy. So, it could be that by not eating enough, you end up achieving the exact opposite of what you intended. In that case, you would have to eat even more than you're used to. The fact remains that to lose weight most people have to reduce their calorie intake. But, it is important to approach this in a healthy way. Eating too little is definitely not good.

HITT exercises

The quickest and most effective way to stimulate fat burning in a workout is by doing HITT exercises. HITT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In HITT training you alternate short periods of extremely intense exercise with periods of rest. For example, doing as many burpees as possible in 30 seconds, followed by 45 seconds of rest. And again! Caution: HITT training is for those experienced with working out and keeping fit. If you're just starting to work out, don't go for something so explosive – start with a more steady workout.

Combination of strength training and cardio training

A combination of strength and cardio training is extremely effective if you want to stimulate fat burning. Through strength training you stimulate muscle growth and those muscles will burn calories, even at rest. During cardio you give the calorie burning an extra boost.

Remember your days off!

Because rest and recovery are also very important for fat burning. If you don't rest and recuperate properly, you will not progress and will just exhaust yourself. You don't want to do that because you need to be able to keep training to attack those pounds.

High-carbohydrate and low-carbohydrate days

Finally, a diet that takes into account your carbohydrate intake is also very good for losing fat quickly. This is known as carb cycling. It means you should eat sufficient carbohydrates on days when you exercise a lot, and eat fewer carbohydrates on days when you only exercise a little.

If you want more guidance and tips tailored to your personal needs, you can of course always ask for help from a <a href="" target="_blank" title="Basic-Fit personal trainers" alt="Basic-Fit personal trainers"><span style="color:#ff7000;">personal trainer in one of the Basic-Fit clubs in your area!</span></a>