What group class at the gym is best for me?

06 November 2019
Find out which group class best suits the type of training you want to do and the goals you want to fulfill.
What group class at the gym is best for me? - photo 1.1

If you’ve decided to take the next step in your workout routine by attending group classes, then congratulations! That’s the best way to make working out at the gym more exciting! And there are so many different types of fitness classes to choose from! There are those that focus mainly on cardio; some work specific muscles, while others are designed to help you relax. You’ve also got dance classes to choose from. So take your pick! You’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs!

On-site and virtual group classes

You can attend any group class at all of our Basic-Fit gyms throughout Europe. Our certified instructors offer you a variety of workout routines to make sure you get the most out of each training session without ever getting bored. Here is information about our on-site group classes. 

Our virtual group classes, or GXR (Group Exercise Revolution), make use of the latest technology, and they’re run by the best instructors in the world of television and fitness. The classes are always at your disposal, either in your personal area, or in the phone app, allowing you to take the virtual classes at any time and any place. Learn more about our Basic-Fit GXR classes here.

Do you have a lot of energy?
For those of you who crave intense workout routines, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for the following classes: Body Combat, Body Attack, Bootcamp, Virtual Cycle, XCore, Zumba, and more. They’re all as fun and inspiring as they are effective. You’ll have a blast burning off all those calories!

Do you want some killer abs?
Then our Abs & Core and Xcore classes are the ones for you.

Are you looking for muscle strength? 
You’ll know you’ve just done intense strength training when you’re done with a Body Pump or Barbell class. You’ll feel it in your muscles. These classes are designed to make you work just a little harder each class to ensure that you get well-defined muscles.

Do you want to work your body and mind together? 
Come to one of our Yoga or Freedom Pilates classes for greater strength and flexibility. You’ll work on your posture, straighten up that back, and exercise more control over your body movements. The calm pace of these classes allows you to concentrate on yourself and enter the true state of zen.