What is a HIIT workout?

13 May 2020
HIIT training is a type of training that is based on combining high and low intensity intervals. This form of interval training boasts numerous benefits for your health, but the key to its success lies in the fact that it can be conveniently done from home and also saves you a lot of time.
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Here are the 5 main advantages of HIIT training:

Benefit 1: Thanks to HIIT training you get results in less time.
HIIT interval training allows you to achieve the same results as with endurance sports (cycling, swimming, athletics …), but in a much shorter period of time! Various studies have shown that 5 hours of practicing one of these sports has the same effect as 90 minutes of HIIT training.

Benefit 2: No equipment needed and you can do it anywhere you like.
To do squats, push-ups, jumps, crunches, burpees … you don’t need anything! At most, all you will need to perform an exercise is to lean on common objects that you have at hand, such as a chair, the wall or a step.

Benefit 3: Your level of fitness improves very fast.
After just two weeks of HIIT training well done you can improve your level of fitness without even leaving the house and reach the same level as you would during 6 weeks of running. Another highly recommended option is to alternate this type of interval training with traditional resistance training such as cycling, running, or swimming.

Benefit 4: Burn fat without losing muscle mass.
By combining a strict diet with cardiovascular training you will normally lose weight, however you will do so at the cost of losing muscle mass. Thanks to HIIT training, you will burn fat without losing your muscles. 

Benefit 5: It’s good for your heart and circulation.
Your heart is also a muscle that can be trained. Regularly increasing your heart rate through physical exercises strengthens it, and that’s precisely what you will achieve with HIIT training!

HIIT workouts are short and can be done at home, so no more excuses! They are physically and mentally demanding, but if you do them every day, the reward is great: You’ll achieve an excellent physique with more muscle and less fat, a strengthened immune system as well as greater strength and endurance.

This blog is written by one of our Personal Trainers, Joyce Mohringer