Why you should train together

07 February 2018
Working out together, with a good friend, family member or partner is not only great fun and strengthens your bond, it also helps you achieve your goals.
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 How exactly? You can find out here!

Laura and her best friend Sharon go to the gym together twice a week. Laura: 'I started working out about two years ago. Initially, on my own, but I realised that I needed an incentive to go and work out. I often skipped training sessions because I didn't feel like it, I was tired or because it was raining. When Sharon said that she wanted to start working out, we started going together. It's so much better! I now have someone who motivates me to work out when I don't feel like it. I never skip sessions now. And we're always comparing our results in the gym. We have mini competitions and we see who's best at different things. That really motivates me and I notice that my results are a lot better now than they used to be."

Exercise together, but not at the same time

People exercising together is an increasingly common sight. It's fun, motivating and your sports results improve massively if you come to the gym together. But even if you don't exercise at the same time, you can still exercise together. How? By sharing your results with your friends or family in a group app. This enables everyone to work out at a time that suits them, but you're still in it together. You motivate one another, because your friend or family member has already been, so you have to go too, right? And you want to see the same results as your friend, or you want to help them... Something else that's really useful: you can ask people from the group app who have the same passion as you to train together!

So, who will be your sports buddy to help take you to the next level?!