Working out when you’re 50 years old

25 December 2019
Gyms are for middle-aged people, too! What should you take into account when you start working out at 50 years old?
Working out when you’re 50 years old - photo 1.1

Exercising is definitely not just for young people. If you are middle-aged, it’s actually more important than ever to stay healthy. Whether you’re a longtime fitness fan, or someone who just wants to get started, working out at 50 is a great idea! 

Of course, someone at that age doesn’t have the same strength and abilities as someone at 25, especially if they haven’t exercised for years. So the question is, what should you take into account if you start working out at 50?

Getting Started
This actually applies to everyone, young or old, beginner or experienced: it is important that you have a good comprehensive warm-up. Take your time and make sure you do a good job loosening up those muscles and getting your heart rate up. Going for a walk, jogging, or cycling—warming up is easy and good for you!

What are your needs
Make use of the Virtual Coach at every one of our centers! First indicate your objectives and fitness level, then choose a workout schedule that suits you. If you want more personalised attention, with someone who will adapt to your schedule and help you reach your goals, then a personal trainer is a very good idea.

Recovery at a later age
Your body takes longer to recover when you’re older. It simply can’t cope with the same intense workouts as before. That’s why at first you should take it easy. Don’t jump right into a rigorous workout routine. You need time to build up strength without hurting yourself, and lots of time for muscle recovery. That means getting sufficient rest not only between each set of exercises, but also between each day of fitness. Consider going to the gym two or three times a week, with at least one two-day break between each week.

Cooling down
Always remember to cool down after a fitness session. Again, this is important for everyone, not just for those working out at 50. Make sure you cool down properly, in a way that goes with your workout routine, and stretch the muscles you’ve exercised. Taking a little walk after a workout is always good, but whatever you do, remember that cooling down allows for efficient muscle recovery and ensures optimal health!

Having a good time while exercising also helps. So enjoy! Staying healthy is fun!